SPDC Publications

The SPDC creates SPD related IEEE Standards, Guides and Practice documents. The IEEE sells these documents singly or as collections on CD-ROM.

This site groups the SPDC publications by Sub-Committee and document type:

High Voltage (>1000 V rms) Sub-Committee Publications (Metal-Oxide Surge Arresters, Insulation Coordination and Neutral Grounding Devices) by:

Low Voltage (<1000 V rms) Sub-Committee Publications (AC Power Surge Protective Devices, Signal Surge Protective Devices and Surge Protective Components) by: 

Clicking on a list item will display the publications for that class. The High Voltage and Low Voltage Publication groups are in "book" format. At the bottom of each item page are navigation tools. Clicking "up" will take you to the first (Standards) page of that book. Clicking on the left or right page titles will take you to that page of the book.