Procedural Documents

SPDC Policies and procedures/operations manuals

IEEE PES SPDC Sponorship Policies & Procedures for Standards Development (links to AudCom, approved by IEEE-SA Standards Board 2012-12-05)

These Policies and Procedures outline the orderly transaction of standards activities of the SPDC. 

IEEE PES SPDC  Operations Manual (effective 2012-02-07)

The purpose of the SPDC Operations Manual is to:

  • Identify the scopes of the Committee, Subcommittees, and Working Groups,
  • Provide a ready reference which identifies the duties of the officers, committee, subcommittees and working groups, and
  • Identify Committee Guidelines such as memberships, awards and balloting procedures.

The Operations Manual Annexes provide the members with the scopes of active and dissolved Working Groups.

IEEE PES SPDC Working Group Policies and Procedures for Standards Development (AudCom approved 2014-08-24)

These operating procedures outline the orderly transaction of standards business by the SPDC Working Groups

IEEE patent policy for standards development

IEEE copyright policy for standards development

IEEE-SA and IEEE-SA Standards Board bylaws and operations manuals