SPDC Projects

SPD Related Standards, Guides and Practice Documents in Revision or Creation

A Project Authorization Request (PAR) is the official document that authorizes work on a standards project in the IEEE PES SPDC. The PAR defines the scope, purpose, and contact points for the new project. The PAR is a public, legal document, signed by the working group chair and the sponsoring Subcommittee.

PARs are approved by the IEEE Standards Board based on a review and recommendation from the New Standards Committee (NesCom), one of IEEE Standards Board committees. All SPDC PARs numbers start with the prefix PC62. A list of the currently active PARs is given on the IEEE Standards Association Web site. SPDC PARs are split into high voltage - sponsor is PE/SPDHV, and low voltage - sponsor is PE/SPDLV. Searching the PAR list by means of the sponsor abbreivations will locate the associated PARs. The PAR lists which Working Group is responsible for completing the document.

This site groups the SPDC PARs by Sub-Committee and document type:

High Voltage (>1000 V rms) Sub-Committee PARs by:

Low Voltage (<1000 V rms) Sub-Committee PARs by:

Clicking on a list item will display the projects for that class. The High Voltage and Low Voltage Project groups are in "book" format. At the bottom of each item page are navigation tools. Clicking "up" will take you to the first (Standards) page of that book. Clicking on the left or right page titles will take you to that page of the book.

Should you wish to participate in the development of new or revised documents; see which Working Group is responsible, then contact the document Working Group chairperson. Participation usually requires attending the Working Group sessions at the Spring and Fall SPDC meetings together with electronic collaboration between sessions.