Administration Sub-Committee Working Group Scopes

3.1.1 — Fellow Nomination Working Group
Chair: Most Recently Appointed SPDC Fellow:

  • Nominate and encourage nomination of SPDC members to the grade of Fellow.
  • Prepare endorsements, when warranted, for SPDC members in accordance with IEEE Fellow nomination procedures.

3.1.2 — Awards Working Group
Chair: Immediate Past SPDC
Chair: Kenneth Brown

Recommend nominations to the A&S Subcommittee for IEEE, PES, and SPDC Awards, such as:

  • IEEE Standard Medallion Award
  • Society and Field Awards
  • SPDC Prize Paper
  • SPDC Distinguished Service Awards
  • Working Group Recognition Award
  • Prepare and process ballots for the PES Prize Paper Award and Working Group Recognition Award.
  • Promote recognition for SPDC members.
  • Select a high interest paper for the Power Engineering Review. (To be established by A&S for specific projects only.)