High Voltage Guide Working Group Scopes

3.4.8 — High Voltage Arrester Protection and Coordination - Transformer Insulation Working Group
Chair: Mike Champaigne
E-mail: m.champagne@ieee.org

  • Provide liaison representation through the Working Group Chair to the Working Group on Revision of Dielectric Tests Subcommittee of the IEEE Transformer Committee.
  • Solicit and evaluate comments in writing from High Voltage Surge Protective Devices Committee members on new proposals and guides in recommended practices.
  • Formulate a consensus and guidance for the liaison representative to the Transformer Working Group.

3.4.9 — Application Guide for Surge Voltage Protective Equipment on AC Rotating Machinery Working Group
Chair: Andrew Steffan
E-mail: Andrew.M.Steffen@SargentLundy.com

  • Investigate past and present publications and practices in the application of surge voltage protection to AC rotating machinery.
  • Integrate and consolidate the knowledge on the subject.
  • Prepare a suitable industry guide for the application of protective devices in the protection of AC rotating machinery, including integrally connected components, against surge voltages.

3.4.13 — High Voltage Surge Protection of Generating Plants Working Group
Chair: Robert Allison
E-mail: robert.l.allison@dom.com

This group covers surges entering an electric generating plant via transmission and distribution lines and methods to reduce them; methods of protecting indoor and outdoor equipment, controls and communication systems within the plant switchyard, the plant proper and ancillary facilities within the premises such as fuel, ash, water, cooling, weather and warning systems, against direct strokes, incoming and internally generated surges.

3.4.14 — Continuous Revision of C62.22 Application Guide Working Group
Chair: Tom Rozek
E-mail: rozekt@dteenergy.com

  • Make recommendations for revisions to C62.22, “Guide for Application of Metal-Oxide Surge Arresters for Alternating Current Systems.”
  • Monitor the application recommendations under development within the High Voltage Surge Protective Devices Subcommittee.
  • Coordinate surge protection application with other IEEE Societies, Groups or Technical committees where appropriate.
  • Monitor the activities of IEC TC37 as they apply to changes or additions to IEC 60099-5, “Surge arresters - Part 5: Selection and application recommendations” and attempt to resolve differences that may occur between their activities in C62.22.
  • Collect, assemble, and organize input from all appropriate High Voltage Surge Protective Devices Committee Subcommittee Working Groups into a comprehensive guide for the application of metal oxide arresters.

3.4.16 — Revision of C62.22 Application Guide Appendix C – Separation Effects Working Group
Chair: Tom Field
E-mail: field@wapa.gov

  • Survey various methods to determine separation effects.
  • Review and evaluate the various methods.
  • Develop an improved simplified method.
  • Prepare and recommend to Working Group 3.4.14 a revised Appendix C for ANSI C62.2 - 1981.

3.4.18 — Insulation Coordination Standard Maintenance Working Group
Chair: Iuda Morar
E-mail: Iuda.Morar@Pacificorp.com

Maintenance of IEEE Standards C62.82.1 and C62.82.2