IEC: International Electrotechnical Commission
The IEC is the leading global organization that prepares and publishes international standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies. These serve as a basis for national standardization and as references when drafting international tenders and contracts. Through its members, the IEC promotes international cooperation on all questions of electrotechnical standardization and related matters, such as the assessment of conformity to standards, in the fields of electricity, electronics and related technologies. The IEC charter embraces all electrotechnologies including electronics, magnetics and electromagnetics, electroacoustics, multimedia, telecommunication, and energy production and distribution, as well as associated general disciplines such as terminology and symbols, electromagnetic compatibility, measurement and performance, dependability, design and development, safety and the environment.

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IEC Terms and Definitions Glossary
The IEC Glossary is a compilation of electrotechnical terminology in English and French extracted from the "Terms and Definitions" clause of IEC publications (those issued since 2003). In some cases terms and definitions have also been collected from earlier publications (e.g. from TC 37, 77, 86 and CISPR). The database contains currently some 20,000 items, with new ones being added on a continuous basis.
The Glossary complements and in many cases draws from the International Electrotechnical Vocabulary (IEV) published by TC 1 (Terminology). The IEV is the authoritative source for "standardized IEC terminology" organized into some 80 subject areas. The Glossary is of a more limited nature. Its definitions relate to the source standard from which they are extracted. A term can therefore have different meanings, depending on the context in which it is used. The Glossary should be considered as an informative document as the terms and definitions have been separated from the context in which they are applied.

IEV: IEC International Electrotechnical Vocabulary online database
The IEC has been engaged in defining and standardizing electrotechnical terminology since 1909. This work is carried out under the auspices of TC1 (Terminology) and is published as the International Electrotechnical Vocabulary (IEV) comprising over 10000 pages. The IEV is distributed as a set of publications (IEC 60050) and a CD-ROM. A limited selection of the IEV is also made available as this online database. The online database contains some 20 000 terms in English, French, German and Spanish. It also provides definitions in English and French for the category of General Concepts (IEV parts 101 - 195).

IEC Technical Committee N° 37: Surge Arresters
Scope of TC 37 is to prepare international standards regarding : specifications for the different types of surge arresters (with or without gaps) for a.c. or d.c. supply systems; the choice of arresters allowing adequate protection of systems with satisfactory reliability, and the definition of conditions of use enabling this result to be obtained.

IEC Subcommittee N° 37A: Low-voltage surge protective devices
Scope of SC 37A is to prepare international standards for surge protective devices (SPDs) for protection against indirect and direct effects of lightning and/or against other transient overvoltages and for information on their selection and application. These devices are to be used in power, telecommunications and/or signalling networks with voltages up to 1000 V a.c. and 1500 V d.c.
Requirements for selection and erection of SPDs in electrical installations of buildings as covered by TC 64 are excluded. Requirements for selection and erection of SPDs in electrical installations of buildings as covered by TC 64 are excluded.

IEC Subcommittee N° 37B: Specific components for surge arresters and surge protective devices
Scope of SC 37B is to prepare international standards for components used in SPDs. These SPDs are used in power, telecommunication and/or signalling networks with voltages up to 1000 V a.c. and 1500 V d.c.

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ITU-T: ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector
Standardization work is carried out by the ITU-T Study Groups in which representatives of the ITU-T membership develop Recommendations (standards) for the various fields of international telecommunications.

ITU-T Study Group 5: Protection against electromagnetic environment effects
Responsible for studies relating to: protection of telecommunication networks and equipment from interference and lightning and responsible for studies related to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), to safety and to health effects connected with electromagnetic fields produced by telecommunication installations and devices, including cellular phones.

Study Group 5 ITU-T K Recommendations List
Protection against interference and lightning

ITU Terms and Definitions: Online database providing access to "terms and definitions" or "abbreviations and acronyms" defined within ITU publications.

ISO: International Organization for Standardization
ISO's work program ranges from standards for traditional activities, such as agriculture and construction, through mechanical engineering, to medical devices, to the newest information technology developments, such as the digital coding of audio-visual signals for multimedia applications.

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Essays in Information & Communications Technology, (ICT), Surge Protection: This site contains free, sponsored and paid for tutorials on lightning-surge protection components, assemblies, devices and equipment used in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) systems.