IEEE Web Account

The IEEE states:

An IEEE Web Account provides easy access to a variety of online services. Web accounts are available to IEEE members and IEEE society members, customers and visitors. Access to services varies based on membership and subscription status.

In practice, having an IEEE Account is the only way to access some IEEE services. IEEE Web Account creation requires the following information to be provided:

  • Given/First name
  • Last/Family/Surname
  • E-mail address
  • E-mail address confirmation
  • Password
  • Password confirmation
  • Selected security question 1
  • Security question 1 answer
  • Selected security question 2
  • Security question 2 answer

Although the IEEE demands a lot of information to set up the account, at least the account is free! After registration you will have a user name (the provided email address) and password to access certain IEEE services. An IEEE Web Account is required to access the IEEE-SA myProject area.

The IEEE hasn't religiously maintained a consistent URL for creating IEEE Web accounts. The retrieved IEEE Web Account creation URL on 2014-04-07 can be viewed by clicking Here