IEEE-SA membership

The membership fees can be country dependent, make sure you have selected the appropriate country. The IEEE-SA membership dues are considerably reduced if you are already an IEEE member, see below. 

The IEEE Standards Association, IEEE-SA, rigidly controls the procedures and processes of standards maintenance and creation through a series of standing committees and mandatory Web-based facilities. Part of this approach is to ensure compliance with the American National Standards Institute, ANSI, document ANSI Essential Requirements: Due process requirements for American National Standards. SPDC Officers and those participants wishing to vote in document ballots must understand the IEEE-SA operating procedures. IEEE-SA (Individual) membership is not required for participation in the standards development process, but membership is required to ballot on standards and assume leadership roles in standards working groups. The IEEE-SA lists membership benefits as:

  • Engage in an unlimited number of Individual Projects
  • Ballot on unlimited number of Individual Projects
  • Initiate new Individual Projects
  • Assume leadership positions on working groups
  • Participate in IEEE-SA Board of Governors & Elections
  • Monthly IEEE-SA News Newsletter
  • Discount on the purchase of IEEE standards

Membership of the IEEE-SA may be purchased Here (link retrieved on 2014-04-07). 

A link to the IEEE-SA home page is in the footer region of every page.