High Voltage Working Groups

Year 2016 Working Group Chairs of High Voltage Surge Protective Devices Subcommittee

Working Group 3.3.11 Continuous Revision of C62.11 Standard
Chair: Jon Woodworth
E-mail: jwoodworth@arresterworks.com

Working Group 3.4.8 High Voltage Arrester Protection and Coordination - Transformer Insulation
Chair: Eva Tarasiewicz
E-mail: evatarasiewicz@sympatico.ca

Working Group 3.4.9 Application Guide for Surge Voltage Protective Equipment on AC Rotating Machinery
Chair: Open
E-mail: steven.p.hensley@sargentlundy.com

Working Group 3.4.13 High Voltage Surge Protection of Generating Plants
Chair: Steve Hensley
E-mail: steven.p.hensley@sargentlundy.com

Working Group 3.4.14 Continuous Revision of C62.22 Application Guide
Chair: Tom Rozek
E-mail: rozekt@dteenergy.com

Working Group 3.4.16 Revision of C62.22 Application Guide Appendix C – Separation Effects
Chair: Tom Field
E-mail: tomfield@ieee.org

Working Group 3.4.18 Insulation Coordination Standard Maintenance
Chair: Iuda Morar
E-mail: Iuda.Morar@Pacificorp.com

WG 3.5.7 Application Guides for Neutral Grounding Devices in Electric Utility Systems
Chair: Steven Whisenant
E-mail: swhisenant@ieee.org