IEEE EMC Society membership

The membership fees can be country dependent, make sure you have selected the appropriate country. The EMC-S membership dues are considerably reduced if you are already an IEEE member, see below. 

The IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society is the world's largest organization dedicated to the development and distribution of information, tools and techniques for reducing electromagnetic interference. The major benefits of becoming an EMC Society member are given as:

  • online access to EMC-S Newsletter
  • access to EMC-S Digital Library Quarterly EMC-S Newsletter
  • Quarterly IEEE Transactions on EMC (on line access) & access to past EMC-S Symposium proceedings (on line access)
  • CD-ROM from the annual International IEEE EMC Symposium on EMC
  • Registration discounts at the EMC-S annual symposia

Membership of the EMC-S may be purchased Here (link retrieved on 2014-04-07).

A link to the IEEE EMC Soceity home page is in the footer region of every page.