SPDC WebStore

The SPDC WebStore catalog has two areas; Meeting Registration for attendees to pay the meeting registration fee plus buy any extra main luncheon tickets needed and Donations for companies to defray SPDC meeting costs.

Donating companies will have their company name and logo prominently and appropriately displayed at the meeting event and on the SPDC website meeting announcement.  Any financial assistance will be appropriately recognized at the SPDC Full committee luncheon during the meeting.  The level of financial support will be strictly confidential and your support is tax deductible.  The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc. (IEEE) is a charitable organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Donations are made in tranches (portions of the total event cost). The donation price given is for a single tranche donation. The number of tranches available for a particular item is indicated by the listed stock level and that may depend on the day selection when the event occurs for several days. For example, Hot beverages - coffee/tea for morning and afternoon breaks has a donation tranche level 50$. Daily tranche stock levels are; Monday 4 (200 $), Tuesday 5 (250 $), Wednesday 5 (250 $), Thursday 4 (200 $) and Friday 2 (100 $). Thus for Monday, the maximum number of tranche donations is 4 (4x50 = 200 $). If a higher number of tranches is made, say 3 (3x50 = 150 $) when 2 tranches (2x50 = 100 $) have already been paid, the system will not accept the request responding that the current stock level is 2 (2x50 = 100 $).

Account holders of pes-spdc.org should login before adding items to their shopping cart. Anonymous visitors can place orders and are required to provide a valid e-mail address, first name, last name and company details on the cart Checkout page. The bottom of the Checkout page has two buttons. One button cancels the order and the other button takes you to the order Review page before payment submission to PayPal.

The Review order page has two buttons. Click the 'Submit order' button if all the information is correct. You may use the 'Back' button to make changes to your order if necessary. Account holders of pes-spdc.org can review their order history at the menu item Logout > User account details.

Further information is available on the following topics by clicking/touching these links; WebStore home page, meeting Registration products, meeting Donation products and order Checkout.