Organization and Operation

Surge Protective Devices (Main) Committee Scope

Treatment of all matters in which the dominant factors are the design, construction, testing, safety, preparation of standards and guides, selection, application and integration of protective devices with auxiliary systems and equipment (such as shield wires, lightning masts, etc.) designed to prevent damage and/or outages to electrical power generation, transmission, distribution, utilization and communication systems, and associated equipment due to transient overvoltages, transient currents, temporary overvoltages and temporary fault currents. Excluded are interrupting devices with and without current-limiting ability. Included is treatment of the following:

  • Overvoltage surge protective devices (such as surge arresters, surge protection devices, protective gaps, and surge protective capacitors).
  • Neutral grounding devices (such as grounding reactors and grounding transformers - jointly with the Transformer Committee - resistors and combinations thereof).
  • Lightning and switching surge investigations jointly with the Transmission and Distribution Committee.
  • Promotion of studies, technical papers, and discussions on performance of devices, seeking new contributions on improved recommended practices, updating bibliographies, standards and guides.
  • Matters relating to surge protective devices specifically designed for application covered by other technical committees of IEEE (such as Power System Communication Committee) or societies (such as Industry Applications Society and Communications Society), may be treated jointly if emphasis is on the particular requirements of the application.


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