New Low-Voltage Tutorials

Courtesy of Dr. A R Martin, two new tutorials have been added to the low-voltage tutorial page.

Protection of Communications Links to Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) is a living document and represents the current thinking of IEEE PES SPDC WG 3.6.14 on Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment. Based on the SPDC’s experience of lightning events affecting electrical and electronic systems, a series of scenarios are discussed. At present these are done on a mainly theoretical basis, as there are not enough field reports of damage.

Effect of multiple lightning strokes on clamping SPDs with focus on MOVs discusses if we do multiple surge testing, what do we miss by using single surges spaced widely apart rather than delivering them in a closely-spaced burst, especially when testing MOVs?
In the ATIS Protection Engineers Group papers area a 2016 paper Multiburst Surge Testing is related with topics of lightning parameters, multi-stroke lightning flash generators and tests, analysis of
metal oxide varistor (MOV) burst capability and concluding remarks.