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NEMA’s Low Voltage Surge Protective Devices (SPD) Section is dedicated to the education and support of the benefits and proper application of surge protection to all users of for low voltage electrical equipment.

Section activities focus on low-voltage power, control and communications systems:

  • For surge suppression on circuits rated 1000 Vac (RMS) and below.
  • For surge suppression on circuits rated 1500 Vdc and below.

These devices include components, modules, assemblies, or hybrid circuits comprised of active or passive elements (linear or non-linear) or any combination of these elements, packaged to divert, clamp, filter or in any other way limit surge voltages.


The NEMA Surge Protection Institute is an educational outreach effort initiated by the Low Voltage Surge Protective Devices Section.

In the Institute’s recent survey of maintenance and facilities managers respondents revealed that nearly 95% of those who reported having experienced a surge event resulting in equipment damage indicated that they subsequently purchased surge protection. Virtually all of those who did so, purchased immediately or within three months.

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Or contact one of the NEMA SPD manufacturers listed below for more information.

CITEL MVC-Maxivolt
Eaton Phoenix Contact
Emerson Raycap
Erico Schneider Electric
GE Siemens
Hubbell Southwire Company
Legrand Space Age Electronics
Leviton Surge Suppression Incorporated
Littelfuse Thomas & Betts- A Member of the ABB Group