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Questions on Published SPDC Documents

Any comments or questions on published SPDC standards should be made to The response procedure is covered in the Technical Questions page in the Publications area.

Participation in SPDC Projects

The Projects area lists the active SPDC document developments. If you want to participate in a particular document project, note the Working Group responsible. The contact e-mail addresses for the Working Group chairs are given in the High Voltage and Low Voltage Working Group Chair lists. Send a message to the Working Group chair giving your reasons for wanting to participate and the expertise you would bring to the project. Participation usually requires attending the Working Group sessions at the Spring and Fall SPDC meetings together with electronic collaboration between sessions.

General SPDC Inquiries

General questions should be sent to the appropriate officer of the SPDC Main Committee.

Release of Personal Details

The general policy is that member contact details shall not be in the public domain. The IEEE-SA requires each party on the restricted viewing list to agree to have their personal details shown. Members of a restricted viewing contact list are permitted to remove themselves from that list at their own discretion.

Committee officers and chairs are treated differently. The PES recommends contact details for officers, subcommittees and working groups are available on the committee Web site. The IEEE-SA publicly releases the telephone number, facsimile number and e-mail details of the SPDC officers referenced on PAR forms. By filling in a PAR, a Working Group chair releases their details to the public.

The contact lists given here conform to the PES recommendations and IEEE-SA policy.


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