Administration Log

From January you'll be marked insecure

A posting on the Google security blog called Moving towards a more secure web caught my eye. It's all to do with http and https sites. The extra "s" on http means secure as the traffic is encrypted.

Online Registration in pictures

To pay your registration for the coming IEEE PES SPDC 2016 Fall meeting browse to

WordPress Dev - Report2

Much of the recent work has been on the WordPress site home page. All the four cells of the front page are now active and linked to the WordPress site content. These are

WordPress Page Builder

Obviously, the change from Drupal to WordPress should minimize the perceived levels of change to the site look and feel. To create something similar to the Drupal site style theme in WordPress I have been using a plugin called Page Builder, which enables you to customize the look of a page. The results are currently looking good.

WordPress Advanced File Manager

Many will be familiar with the Drupal FileDepot software used for standards contributions on the In WordPress, the closest equivalent found is software called Advanced File Manager.


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