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Last Call - SPDC 2014 Fall Meeting Hotel Room Booking

If you are coming to the SPDC 2014 Fall Meeting and haven't booked your hotel room — act quickly by using the Room booking link. The Marriott room booking window at the special SPDC rate is projected to close on the 11 September 2014.

SPDC Fall Meeting details and Technical Council Award

IEEE PES Surge Protective Devices Committee Fall 2014 – Committee, Subcommittee and Working Group Meetings

Dates: Monday 13 to Friday 17 October 2014

The new IEEE SA join.me app for meeting collaboration

The Grumpy Geezer runs an experiment

pes-spdc.org and Heartbleed Vulnerability

You do not need to change your pes-spdc.org user account password as a result the "Heartbleed" security flaw for SSL communications.

2014 Spring SPDC Meeting Reminder and Web Changes

2014 Spring Meeting

Full details of the meeting are posted here.

Resend of SPDC 2014 Spring Meeting Announcement

Resent as the attachment links were missing

FAQs on Deletion of Unactivated Accounts

There have been several questions on the impending user deletions.

Does the pes-spdc.org use my IEEE Account username/email address and password for login?

No, your pes-spdc.org login username/email address and password is not linked to your IEEE Account username/email address and password. When you set up your pes-spdc.org account you can use your IEEE Account details if you wish.

Deletion of Unactivated Accounts

To slim down the pes-spdc.org registered user population, non-participant users will be deleted. People who receive this SPDC Newsletter fall into three groups:

SPDC Web Presence Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Following the 2013 Fall Meeting Presentation and some discussions the following actions have been taken: