Welcome to the Surge Protective Devices Committee “Drupal” Web site, which incorporates content from the previous SPDC "Grouper" and IEEE OC SPD Forum Websites. This page gives an overview of the devices we deal with and our activities. More details are available by clicking the blue text links or menu bar buttons.

What is a Surge Protective Device (SPD)?
Electrical events, such as lightning, can couple into metallic conductors and cause damage from the excessive system voltages and currents (surges) generated. SPDs are used to mitigate these coupled surges in both High Voltage (HV) and Low Voltage (LV) power systems and communication systems. Surge mitigation can be a linear (all levels of surge) or non-linear (over voltage or overcurrent surges). Typically an SPD has a non-linear voltage-current characteristic that reduces voltages exceeding the normal safe system levels by a rapid increase in conducted current. SPDs are also called voltage limiters or overvoltage protectors or (surge) arresters.

What is the Surge Protective Devices Committee (SPDC)?
The SPDC is a technical committee of the IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES). It is the Working Groups (WGs) of the High Voltage and Low Voltage SPDC Subcommittees (SCs) that create and maintain SPD related IEEE Standards, Guides and Practice documents. These document catagories can be further subdivided by Device or Component type:

  • Arresters, High Voltage (>1000 V rms)
  • Neutral Grounding Devices, High Voltage (>1000 V rms)
  • AC Power Surge Protective Devices, Low Voltage (<1000 V rms)
  • Communications (Signal) Surge Protective Devices, Low Voltage (<1000 V rms)
  • Surge Protective Components, Low Voltage (<1000 V rms)

Currently active SPDC publications are listed in the Publications area. SPDC documents being revised or created are listed in the Projects area.

This  Drupal powered Web site has two areas; a "Public" area, visible to all and Internet search engine accessible, and a "Private" area, accessed by authorised SPDC participants by user login. The "Private" area is mainly used for standards development. For security reasons the Web site "Search" function is only available to authorised SPDC participants.

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SPDC Meetings

The SPDC holds two meetings a year, one in the Spring and the other in the Fall. During each meeting there will be sessions of the Main Committee (plenary), Sub-Committees and Working Groups. Dates of upcoming SPDC meeting dates and venues are posted on the SPDC Web sites. For this Web site the meeting dates and venues are posted in the main menu SPDC Meetings tab. Closer to the meeting date, a meeting notice, hotel booking details, meeting registration charges and schedule will be posted on the Web site. Agendas for each group meeting are issued by their respective group. 

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